CEFA Curriculum

The CEFA Early Learning program provides your child with the opportunity to share learning experiences and play with other children of the same age and intellectual level. We offer programs for infants and children up to five years old.

Our enriched curriculum features a unique partnership of core subjects, such as Reading and Math, comparable to, yet exceeding, the educational component of a preschool program. While incorporate fine arts, including Drama and Yoga, providing children with the freedom to learn and grow through play.

  • Reading

    CEFA students are taught how to read, not only phonetically, but also working on the seven essential components of reading.

  • Writing

    Our Writing program introduces our students to all essential pre-writing and fine motor exercises.

  • Mathematics

    The CEFA Math program places great emphasis on helping the child gain and apply reasoning skills.

  • Science

    CEFA students are exposed to natural science, where they observe life through seed cycles, animals, and the human body.

  • Languages

    Languages are known to stimulate a child’s cognitive capability and improve their ability to process information.

  • Culture Immersion

    Culture Immersion is in the CEFA curriculum to foster inclusion between children.

  • Music

    Learning and playing music at a young age strongly influences the learning of skills such as verbal communication and problem solving.

  • Dramatic Arts

    The Dramatic Arts Program at CEFA develops creativity, imagination and teamwork in our students.

  • Visual Arts

    Visual Arts enables our students to explore colours, textures, materials, clays and other interesting tools. 

  • Physical Education

    Our Physical Education Program is designed to develop the muscles and gross motor skills of each child.

  • Yoga

    Yoga for children enhance concentration, increases flexibility, boosts confidence and relaxes their minds.

  • Dance

    The CEFA Dance curriculum develops emotional and physical sensitivity in each child.

  • Summer Program

    During July and August, our schedule is more relaxed to give the children a break from the school curriculum.