Parent Testimonials

August 2013 – “It takes a village to raise a child.”


Dear Ms. Young,

Craig and I would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for how much each of you and the CEFA program have meant to our family. We feel amazement, good fortune and so blessed each day for what you contribute to Sarah’s life….

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January 2013 – The curriculum offered at CEFA is simply outstanding!

I just wanted to pass along my thanks and offer some feedback regarding my daughter, Ceilidh’s, time at your program. Firstly, she has had an amazing experience attending CEFA and has benefited greatly from both the educational and social components that make up the program. From day one she fell in love with all of the staff and immediately thought of it as “her school”. The curriculum offered at CEFA is simply outstanding and one of a kind in BC – coming from Europe I was shocked that official schooling did not begin here until aged 5 (by that time, I had already had two years of full schooling in the UK)! My only wish is that CEFA becomes recognized as a “school” by the Government, rather than a daycare setting. In the few months that Ceilidh attended CEFA she has learned to recognize many letters and numbers and can even write some without help; she is far more focused and has a greater attention span; she has learned to try new foods – a battle we have been unsuccessful with at home; and, most importantly, she has made new friends, social connections, and is able to play “with” other kids rather than play “next” to them. Thank you, CEFA, for giving us the opportunity to see or daughter blossom – we truly hope we are able to rejoin the program very soon!

Tracey Flattes

December 2012 – You’re such a big part of our family

Dear Ms. Young,

Can’t believe it’s been 4 years since we first met and both our kids have attended CEFA. We are truly blessed to have you. You have been a great friend to us. CEFA and all the CEFA staff are such a big part of our family, we will miss you all. Thanks again for everything! Please keep in touch and we will try to come visit.

Cindy, Steve, Mikayla and Nicolas (JK3)

November 2012 – We highly recommend this school

Dear Mr. Tailor,

Our daughter has been at CEFA for more than two years and she has developed into a confident, independent, happy little girl. The Teachers are wonderful and loving and provide a fun learning environment for the children. CEFA has helped her develop invaluable social skills and a solid academic foundation for her future. We highly recommend this school.

Pam (JK3 Mom)

September 2012 – He loves kindergarten!

Dear Ms. Young, Ms. Cogswell, Ms. Hansen, Ms. Pearson, Ms. Lee, & Ms. Shelly,

I hope you have all had a wonderful summer, and are enjoying a great start to the new school year. I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that Kayam is thriving at his new school, and has fit into the Kindergarten routine like “an old pro”! Thank you all so much again from the bottom of my heart for everything you did to prepare him (and us!) for a successful entry into Kindergarten. We truly appreciate the solid foundation that you and all of his CEFA Teachers provided him during his fantastic 3½ years at CEFA!

Have a great year,

Navida (CEFA Alumni)

August 2012 – Goodbye CEFA

Dear Ms. Young,

Bitter sweet moment. Today is Sophia’s last day at CEFA. In ten days my big girl is going to start Kindergarten. It’s been almost four years going to the same place, with the same friends and teachers every day. In four years there was NOT one day that she didn’t want to go to CEFA, in four years she played (a lot), learned (a lot), she made friends, and better of all, she made memories that are going to last forever. It’s going to be hard not to dress her in her uniform every morning and not having her blowing kisses for me every time I drop her at shool.

I would like to thank all Sophia’s CEFA “family”, her teachers and friends for having, and taking care of my girls for these four years that will never be forgotten.

Ana Boniati (JK3 Mom)

April 2012 – Spectacular Teachers

Dear Ms. Young,

We just completed the first round of parent teacher interviews and as always we are very impressed. Ms. Chen, Ms. Lee and Ms. Chavez are all spectacular to say the least. We look forward to bringing Flynn to school, as he is always excited to get there.

Looking at the development Flynn has made since he started at CEFA, we are continually happy with the choice we made to send him to your school.

Thanks to you, all your staff and everyone who makes CEFA a wonderful inspiring place for the person who matters most to us, our son Flynn.

Kind Regards, Chris (CEFA Baby Dad)

April 2012 – Angela loves CEFA!

Dear Ms. Reda,

I have always wanted to thank you personally for all you have done for our family since we joined CEFA last year.

When dealing with Angela’s day to day needs, I have found you very helpful. There have been days when she was a challenge in the classroom and as I walked past your office to pick her up, you would flag me down and give me the straight goods on what happened. Helpful tips and hints were never far behind either, (I can ALWAYS use a little extra help).

You make extra time for the kids every day; be it welcoming them by name and a smile every morning or reciprocating a hug as we leave at the end of the day.

One MAJOR difference I’ve noticed, is your staff. There has been so little turnover since Angela has been attending. She knows and connects with all of her teachers and has engaging stories to tell. I get “I LOVE my Teachers” almost daily on the way home. Happy Kids = happy Teachers = happy Principal and it shows.

I’m very happy that Angela is attending and LOVING it at CEFA. We love working with you and your team.

Thank you for all you have done and are continuing to do to make Angela’s school experience a great one.

Kathryn Webster (Junior Kindergarten Two Mom)

February 2012 – He was so happy at CEFA

Dear Ms. Hamel,

It was a great pleasure that my Little Dany could spend almost 2 years at CEFA. He had a great time and we enjoyed watching our child grow and learn new things there, but above all this, we were truly pleased to see how happy he was!

Thank you so much for everything! Reyna (Junior Kindergarten Three Mom)

January 2012 – Thank you CEFA

My three girls all attended CEFA, starting back as far as 2004 all the way up until 2011.

I believe that all the academic work they did at CEFA really helped to prepare them for Kindergarten and beyond. They still excel now at language, arts and sciences, and love to read and learn new things.

I always felt confident leaving my children in the capable hands of your wonderful CEFA Teachers.

I encourage every parent that I can to enrol their children in this Junior Kindergarten. It is a great start for any child!

Yours truly, Nicole Palacios (Junior Kindergarten Three Mom)

August 2011 – We miss you

Ms. Wiser,

We already miss your beautiful smile and warm voice. Thank you so much for what you have done for Dominic. It would have been very difficult for my family to settle down and adjust to the new environment without your support and encouragement.

Thank you for being there when I needed you. You will be always in our memories.

Love, Marie, Jane and Dominic (Junior Kindergarten Three family)