Early Learning Programs

At CEFA, children learn while surrounded by peers of the same age, similar to the Canadian elementary school system. Children are enrolled in a classroom based on their year of birth, unlike typical child care environments where children of different ages are grouped together.

The annual “graduation” to a new classroom will help your child celebrate these milestones, and prepare them for elementary school, which follows the same approach.

CEFA Baby Program

The CEFA Baby program is designed especially for our youngest students, where the specialized Teachers focus on creating a strong and loving bond with the children. The environment is calm and nurturing, and the children quickly form strong friendships and enjoy exploring the classroom and activities each day.

Our activities include yoga for babies; gross motor and fine motor development, finger plays, puppetry, and early literacy and numeracy. Children will explore three-dimensional art, natural life art, music and dancing from around the world.

Our small groups of eight to twelve children and three specialized Teachers are the optimal environment for our one year olds to explore, socialize and calmly be introduced to the social world.

Junior Kindergarten One

Our Junior Kindergarten One program is for two year olds. Your child will have ample time to play with friends, sing, dance, practice yoga and explore instruments and music from around the word. They will also be introduced to basic concepts of Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Science, not only at the groups pace, but also at your child’s individual pace.

Our exclusive Reading program is taught to each child, as well as our unique Writing approach. This program successfully prepares your child academically, but does so in a lucid and inviting way. Children also learn and are encouraged to reason, to participate, to test their theories and to collaborate in projects.

Even with all these activities, there is plenty of time to play and enjoy the world around them. Your child will never feel pressured to learn or participate, but will always want to discover the fantastic activities our Teachers have carefully prepared for them. Only twelve children can join our classroom, and three specialized Teachers work with them all year.

Junior Kindergarten Two

The Junior Kindergarten Two program is designed for your three year old child. During this year, the specialized Teachers will work on developing their writing skills, focusing on writing their names and the letters of the alphabet. Learning the alphabet through songs, stories and games with their friends will also take place throughout the day.

It’s in this year that we strongly encourage our families to start using the CEFA Letter by Letter Program at home, to support the learning in the classroom. Your child will be involved in fun experiments during Science time as well as working on more complex Math concepts. Every week they will explore a different artist and art techniques during Visual Arts. Dance, Music and Yoga will give your child the opportunity to gain awareness of movement and body positions; as well as to refine their listening skills and follow directions. A second language will also be introduced, through songs and exciting activities.

The children are again socializing with their peers and continue to build bonds with their Teachers and friends. Sixteen children will join this classroom, with two specialized Teachers working with them throughout the year. Some of our larger locations are able to have a maximum of twenty children with three specialized Teachers.

Junior Kindergarten Three

This is the final year your child will spend with us before they graduate to Kindergarten! Your child, by now, will be working on more complex activities individually, with the Teacher, and with their friends.

We will continue with the much-loved co-curricular subjects (Drama, Visual Arts, Yoga, Music, Culture Immersion, Physical Education and Dance) and your child will take an active role in creating delicious recipes during Little Chefs!

The Teachers and Principal of the school will work closely with your family to ensure your child is well prepared and excited about starting Kindergarten!

Sixteen children will join this classroom, with two specialized Teachers working with them throughout the year. Some of our larger locations are able to have a maximum of twenty children with three specialized Teachers.